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What Is Homework Help?

Homework Help is connecting your child with a Special Education Expert in order to work through assignments given by your child’s teacher meant to be completed outside of school.

Who Would Benefit Most From Homework Help?

Do you find yourself unable to help your child with their homework simply because they can’t quite comprehend HOW your explaining the assignment to them?

Is this inability to communicate leading to trouble and mounting stress outside of studying?

Homework Help could be a perfect fit not only to ensure your child retains the information covered in their classroom, but to also guarantee your relationship doesn’t continue getting strained!

How Does Homework Help Work?

Homework can either be forwarded to your special education expert OR they can gain access to the school’s online system and get the homework from there.

The subsequent tutoring session is spent going through the individual piece of homework in a way that maximizes both comprehension and retention. Again, all information is presented in your child’s unique learning style!

The Result?

When your child completes AND understands their homework, not only do their grades increase but more importantly, their self-confidence tends to skyrocket.

No longer is your child forced to go to school and try to explain WHY their homework isn’t completed again. Instead, they can focus on learning and participating in that day’s lesson!

In addition, your time together can be spent creating memories and having fun… not fighting about doing school work!

As A Parent, What Will You Receive?

  Comprehensive Consultation With A Special Education Expert

  On-going Updates On:

  Tutoring Progress

  Areas Your Child Has Improved On (For Positive Reinforcement)

  Areas Your Child Needs Improvement On (Direction For In-Home Class)

  One-On-One Meetings With Your Child’s Tutor Are Available To;

  Help Maintain Consistency Between Tutoring Sessions And At-Home Lessons

  Answer Questions And Challenges You Encounter

  Provide Personal Teaching Guidance

  Provide Unbiased Feedback

  Curriculum Options That Work

What Will Your Child Receive?

  Customized Learning Experience Unique To Their Needs

  One-On-One Assistance From A Special Education Expert

  All Special Education Experts Have A Degree In Special Education.

Most Also Possess A Masters Degree.

  Individualized Lessons

  Exciting New Way To Learn

  Not Viewed As An Extension Of School.

  Children Tend To Learn Faster, Retain More, And Have FUN Utilizing Available Online Resources For Learning.

  Congruency From The Tutor, To You, Their Parent.

Reduced Stress And Massive Gains In Self-Confidence

Think Differently About Education.

We Believe…


All children are born with the innate ability to reach their OWN excellence.


That a growing group of children don’t fully prosper in overpopulated classrooms.


Through technology and one on one learning, their future path to success can be made clear again.